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Partnership with our company

Extra money is not a publicity stunt, but a considered step of the FOREX CAPITAL MARKETS to meet all its investors. To confirm the declared company care about each client. In fact, the receipt of affiliate fees brings mutually beneficial results. Every investor who can invite new members to the company independently verifies the obvious advantages and benefits from such activities. The company, in turn, has the opportunity to expand advertising expansion and reinforce the promotion of its products on the world market. It is beneficial to all. A reasonable balance in the cooperation is one of the main factors of stability of business relationships and getting high returns. Reconciled investment strategy allows us to create powerful and lasting positive balance of the income funds, of which the company is able to expend on advertising campaign development and promotion of their proposals. Offer affiliate rewards is a logical continuation of our advertising strategy.

The benefit is obvious. The more new members will become our investors, the greater the amount of partner's remuneration may be received by the inviter.
The whole process is automated. Ranging from automatic admissions partner remuneration and ending with a full statistical accounting.
To invite new members to our company just. Because we are a reliable and trusted partner that brings a high level of profitability.
Advantages of cooperation
  • Not having analogues in the markets trading, including Forex affiliate offer, perfectly balanced in the ratio of "supply and demand".
  • No limited potential for increasing the size of additional earnings. We do not set limits on the total achieved value of deposits or to the maximum possible amount of payments of partner remuneration.
  • Possibility of free use professionally designed promotional materials, personalizing each invitation Partner.
  • In the account of each Partner has detailed statistical information about the invited investors that will help to optimize the analytical efforts of the Partner aimed at inviting new investors.
How to become our Partner?

To become a Partner, please complete the application form for the partnership and send it to our support team. In addition to "Regulations of the Partner," no additional conditions, the company does not put forward to the applicants the status of "Partner". Use the benefits of working in a new capacity!

How this process works?
Register a real account in our company
Zapolnenie questionnaire for partnership with us
The attraction of the service your friends/referrals
Profit from each invited
Earnings available for each

In the "application for partnership" you must specify the following information:

  • username;
  • the amount of active Deposit in the company;
  • the name of the user in a social network (Facebook or Vkontakte);
  • mobile phone number;
  • the contact in the instant messenger (Skype);
  • e-mail address;
  • country of residence;
  • the language in which You can communicate freely;
  • Your name.

"Application for partnership" is filled in any form with the above data. Affiliate program is a balanced system of multi-level affiliate compensation designed to provide additional income for every one of our investors, based on principles of fair distribution of earnings. For each investor default open level partner's remuneration, providing 10%, 5%, 3%, 2%, 1%, 1% from the amount of Deposit made by Your referral. More information about all proposals regarding partner remuneration is in the personal Cabinet. Also, in order to become a company Partner and be able to increased the affiliate Commission, you need to carefully study the terms and conditions of the Partnership, which is hosted in Your account.