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If You are looking for a reliable, professional and influential partner for your investment, You are where you want them. FOREX CAPITAL MARKETS - Your friend, financial Manager and just a reliable assistant in the world of Trust management of financial means.

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  • The many options for replenishment
  • Multifunctional partnership
Investments with us

We offer several types of investments, each of which provides opportunities available for any investor. Only our company has been able to develop investment tactics that will offer the investment diversification that will prevent any loss. Because each of the four types of investments is fully developed and completely unique investment product is ready to use the broadest range of potential investors. The system of investing based on the use of popular electronic payment systems, will give our cooperation to the desired level of confidence, and daily payments for any of the four investment proposals will only add to the vibrancy and commercial pragmatism to Your investments.

Investment conditions
  • Attachments from 25.00
  • Income of at least 1.3%
  • There are no restrictions on withdrawal
  • Partners: ACFX, Fibo Group FXCM
  • No Commission fees
  • Drawdown not more than 15% per month
Why choose us
Who are we?
  • British investment company. European leader Trust Management investment resources
  • The best experts in the field of trading in Forex and CFDs. Precise control of the investment process and proven track record stock transactions
Service features
  • Personal account with a single account
  • The possibility of replenishment of the personal account using the available electronic payment systems and Bank transfers
  • High returns on any investment proposals
  • Stability of income and reliability of placing funds
How it works in practice

Every investor making investments in the FOREX CAPITAL MARKETS, provides his personal funds in Trust management of the company. The company committed trading transactions, which are funds held in Trust, aimed at creating profits for investors and are the safest form of investment at the present stage of development of technologies online investments. For example, many investors worldwide, who prefer the Trust from our company can ensure that this type of investment is to minimize risk and to create a modern, profitable model of capital allocation.

Three steps to start investing
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Features of our activities

Foreign exchange market FX

For this kind of investment activity is characterized by high stability level of volatility and rapid turnover of invested funds.

Binary options

This kind of investment not only provides unlimited resource capabilities, but also makes the investment a guaranteed break-even.


Investments in short-term euronotes allows you to earn income without risk of loss of key working capital and is guaranteed by the provision of redemption.

Us stocks

Stock trading these assets is governed by the laws of not only the US but the UK that makes it profitable for us this type of online investing.

European shares

The possibility of a quick response and sale of these assets provides the company with prospects for increasing the volume of investment funds.

Russian stocks

High liquidity and the abundance of resources creates necessary preconditions for obtaining high and stable margins in medium-term contracts.


They determine the demand for the securities in numeric expression. Active and competent use allows you to quickly make the right decisions.

Our last investors
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2 zeinep 25.00 25.98
3 sputnik 131.00 172.92
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Company news
Statistics of return of service
  • Withdrawal within 24 hours
  • Numerous ways of depositing and withdrawing
  • Loyalty program for regular customers
  • Regular competitions for our members
The world of Forex together with FOREX CAPITAL MARKETS
How to start working with Forex

The use of the platform "MT-4" and dealing centers, in combination with a competent dealing and currency pairs is the basis for successful FX trading and the guarantee of a high income in a relatively short time investment and low risk level of transactions.

How to allocate their funds

Diversify your investments, allocating the amount of investment on various investment plans from our company. Using this approach, You will be able to profits in different time intervals, smoothing all the oscillations of the total yield.

Find out how to earn

Increase your profits using Affiliate program. Favorable conditions of Program along with high yield investplan and ongoing promotions and Special bonuses from the company, will raise Your well-being to a qualitatively new level.